Aloe turning brown

My Aloe Vera are turning brown, the leaves are burnt coiled,folded and looks very oily. There look like they are dying . What
Could be the problem ?


  • Hi Milley,

    Please send us a picture or two of your aloe vera and we can asses it better.
    Hedvig Trädgårdsmästare
  • Milley
  • Hello Milley!

    Thank you for the images!

    The oiliness along with how they look makes me think your aloe plants have been overrun with some sort of pest. The strange thing is that it reminds me of a few different pests, so I'd suggest a throrough check.

    The rustyness on the leaves looks a lot like thrips, while it looks like there could be some shells from an earler aphid infestation. I'd also suggest taking a look for scale or mealybugs.

    This level of damage looks like it could have happened over an extended period of time. Make extra sure to check any nook and cranny of the plant and extra so underneath the leaves.

    If it's pests, I'd suggest a proper cleaning with tepid water to get the stickiness off, as well as any potential bugs. Then you can make a soap treatment by mixing 1-2 tbsp of ordinary dish soap (green or yellow soap) and 2 ml of denatured ethanol (t-sprit) with 1 litre of water. Never spray your plants while exposed to direct sunligt as it might cause burns. Repeat the treatment over a week with a 1-2 day gap.

    Good luck!
    Jennie Trädgårdsmästare

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