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Blueberry didn't get any flowers this year

Hi, I bought a blueberry plant last year (I think Lucky Berry), it already had some blueberries formed. This year, I replanted the plant in the spring in proper soil, it got a lot of foliage but so far I did not go into bloom at all. It grows on a very sunny balcony. What can be wrong? Is there still time to do something to get some crops this year?


  • Hello Olga!

    Thank you for your question!

    There could be many reasons as to why your blueberry plant didn't flower this year, but since you mentioned that you re-potted it recently, it very well could be that.

    When a plant has recently been moved, it places all its energy on growing new roots instead of "frivolities" like berries and flowers. Those take a whole lot of energy from a plant, so they focus on those only once they've established themselves and are thriving.

    I'd suggest just giving it time while also caring for it. Maybe give it some fertilizer, water it properly and give it sufficient amount of light. I hope then that you'll see some new berries come next year!
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