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Do you have fertilizer free soil?

hello, i am in need of fertizier/pesticide free soil, i normally use top soil with no fertizier but as i am not great with the swedish language, i am wondering if plantagen has something of the likes. I hope you can help.


  • Hello Mark!

    As of today, we have no soil that is completely without fertilisers, but our soils are all free from pesticides - it's a natural product teeming with a rich ecosystem, as it should be.

    But if you're looking for something to plant in that has no fertilisers at all, I'd suggest trying Lechuza BasicPon or Pumice, both of which being made of volcanic material absent in nutrients.

    By planting in soil-free substrates, you instead add the nutrients and fertilisers yourself to the water ☀

    Hope this helps!
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