Monstera's leaves getting yellow

My monstera's leaves are turning yellow.
It was slowly dying and I tried to repot it, but the roots were really deep and stuck to the soil. I tried to water it but the soil seems to be super hard and the water is not getting to the middle, so I tried to do holes in the soil for the water to pass... But now the leaves are turning yellow and the stems seem weak... Overall, the plant seems to "want to die"... What should I do?



  • Hello Adriana!

    I apologize that your monstera isn't doing too good!

    It could very well be an effect of the recent repotting. If the old pot was too small and the soil didn't have much water retention, it could lead to the plant drying out despite watering often.

    It's then good that you repotted it. However, it could be a shock for the plant to be repotted, especially if it was during the autumn or winter. Then it could be shedding the older or weaker leaves to focus on new root growth.

    You mention then that the soil is very dense. This could cause a problem with choking new roots or, as you mentioned, making it hard to water. If this is the case, you should repot it yet again, but add perlite or coconut coir to make it airier. Coconut coir also helps with water retention. I also suggest placing it at a sunnier place.

    Lastly, I'd suggest checking for pests. I see some white, dandruff-like spots on some of the images, and that might be a sign of either aphids or thrips. If so, I'd suggest treatment as soon as possible.

    Start with rinsing off the plant with a relatively harsh stream of water in order to wash off most of the pests. Then you can make the soap treatment by mixing 1-2 tbsp of ordinary dish soap (green or yellow soap) and 2 ml of denatured ethanol ("t-sprit") with 1 litre of water. Never spray your plants while exposed to direct sunligt as it might cause burns. Repeat the treatment over a week with a 1-2 day gap.

    Good luck!
    Jennie Trädgårdsmästare
  • Hello!
    Yesterday I put the dense, hard soil onwater until it softened, removed as much as I could, keeping the roots intact, as they were not rotten.
    Then I repotted the plant with new soil and added water as I saw needed.
    I will do the thrips treatment today 😀
    If the bigger yellow leaf turns blacker, should I cut it to help the plant heal?

    Hope all of this works!!
  • Hello again!

    That sounds great! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that some more airy soil will help.

    Regarding the yellowing leaves, it's probably best if you let the leaf wilt a bit further - preferably to the point that it turns brown and dry, as it should then be quite easy to remove by hand. But if you start to notice it go soft and gooey, then it'd be best to cut it off.

    Hope for the best! :-)
    Jennie Trädgårdsmästare

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