Orchid mites

There are small mite on my orchid plant that is giving some gel like substance. It was on one plant and spreading to the others.



  • Hi Soumya!

    Thanks for contacting us!

    It looks like your orchid has been infected with thrips. You can treat the plant with Neem oil.

    The mixture consists of Neem oil of course, but also lukewarm water to dilute the oil and then some dish soap in order to make the whole thing water soluble. The soap is important since without it, the oil won’t dilute and instead just float on top of the water.

    Following is the recipe for neemwater:

    - One tsp neem oil

    - ½ tsp natural liquid dish soap

    - 1 litre tepid water

    If the oil later solidifies in the bottle (as it usually does in room temperature) then you can simply put it in the microwave for a very short time or hold it under hot running water. Then it should liquify quite fast. Mix well so that no “neem platelets” can be seen. Then spray the afflicted plant thoroughly and make sure every nook and cranny is properly covered in the solution.

    Miriam Trädgårdsmästare
  • Thank you for the detailed reply.
    How often should I do this?
  • Hi again Soumya!

    Repeat two times a week until the pests are gone or when you do not see new infestations.
    Miriam Trädgårdsmästare

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