• Hej Sweta!

    Thnaks for reaching out to us.
    It looks like your rose has been affected by pests, specifically Endelomyia aethiops.

    You get rid of them by remove and killing them mechanically.
    Also remove all leaves that fall to the ground this autumn, as they will otherwise survive in the ground until next spring. The waste is recycle as disposable waste.
    Miriam Trädgårdsmästare
  • Is there spray or medicine to kill the pests (Endelomyia aethiops) for my rose plant? Please let me know the name so that I can buy it if it is available at plantagen store.
  • Hi again Sweta!

    You cant buy any medicine or treatment to get rid of this specific pests. The only thing that works is to kill them by hand and get rid of the waste before winter.
    Miriam Trädgårdsmästare
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