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How to take care of dahlias and bamboo

I bought bergbambu and dahlia and wondering how to take care of them?
I took the label off and can't find it


  • Hello!

    Thank you for your questions!

    Regading the bamboo, it thrives in environments that is a little shielded and with moisture-retaining soil. This means that it grows best by a wall or away from the worst wind and most intense sunshine.

    You don't really need much more care regarding bamboo since it more or less handles itself (except from the water), but remember that evergreen plants may risk becoming frost-damaged during the later parts of winter to early spring, so cover it with shading covers once the sun starts to grow warmer but the soil is still frozen.

    When it comes to dahlias, they enjoy being planted in deep soil, so if you plan on planting it in a pot then it's best to choose a bigger one. A bigger dahlia likes to have humid soil, so be sure to water frequently. Just make sure that the excess water can drain away.

    Once the dahlia begins to flower, be sure to dead-head (remove) the ones that has withered. This encourages the plants to grow more blossoms.

    It enjoys bright, sunny spots with little wind. Remember to cover the plants if it grows colder. Once autumn rolls around and the plant has withered down, you can also take up the tubers and store them in a cool, dry place in something like wood chips or hay.

    Hope this helps!
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